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"Imagination is more important than knowledge,
for it is the key to wisdom."


Jerri Sher

It is no coincidence that I attended Dr. Emmett Miller’s “How to have fun with Guided Imagery” workshop at Esalen in Big Sur, CA. It was there that I listened to the profound words of this highly acclaimed mind-body healer – and I saw the transformation right before my own eyes.

It was then that I knew that this story needed to be told at the highest standard of visual storytelling – the art form of film. I was compelled to translate these ideas to the world through the magical medium of film – to create a compelling piece of cinema to be shared by the moving – living – breathing – collective soul – the audience.

Having walked barefoot on burning hot coals, I know what it is like to visualize and create a change in one’s brain. It was as if I was sinking into cool moss with every step as I brought myself to another level, saying “COOL MOSS” so that my feet would not burn. Because of this experience I was open to the heart wrenching stories of the people I pre- interviewed. They had undergone serious physical and mental illnesses like cancer, bi-polar disorder, AIDS, abuse, and post-traumatic-stress disorder. It became apparent that through alternative methods, individuals can change their minds and their cells and create a different picture for their lives. It was their courage and will to keep going, against all odds that struck a chord and sparked me to direct and write this meaningful documentary.

It is with my genuine instinct that I listen and gain trust with our subjects. Whether I am talking with one of our expert researchers or a child who is practicing guided imagery; each person becomes my friend, my confidante, my inspiration. Thus, the seed for the story is planted, and its growth is the weaving of all of the threads that I collect along the way. Being a painter, each frame is perfectly designed for aesthetic beauty to enhance the story. Each person’s personal situation is unique but there are similarities that connect these twelve different individuals who have never met and who on the surface appear to have nothing in common. The film will show that they have everything in common – the will to live and triumph, and to live every day in the moment, never fretting about their pain in the past or worrying about their number of days in the future. Now you will see the possibility of transformation right before your very own eyes.

I feel very privileged to have met Dr. Miller, whose calm and grace has a spiritual quality and essence. My trip to Esalen was, no doubt, part of a master plan. The combination of our 122 years of life (his therapeutic, scientific mind and my creative, artistic mind) is what makes LIVE LIFE the movie, a must see!